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Before you jet, beauty lover, check out the home page for more makeup reviews. Plushglass is just too sheer for me. Dang, those are some hot lips! ALL beautiful! Bountiful is right up my alley and they look like sparkly diamonds! But I might have to stay away because I have so many in that pinky-nude color. I LOVE pigments! Lustreglass is a sheerer, less sticky formulation from the lipglass. I know people tend to gravitate towards lustreglass because the lack of tackiness, at least relative to lipglass!

Thanks for the Jordana rec! I will definitely look into that. I hope I can find it at my local drugstore…you have a good day too, okay? Question for you — do you wear makeup to when you go to dojo?

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I wear makeup to the gym! You want your gloss to stay fresh throughout the event! You know the best part about your outfit?

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The dyed to match shoes. When will you ever wear those again?! Tranceplant discontinued is purple-y brown or a very browned berry with multicolored sparkles. Ornamental is brown-orange with orange and pink sparkles. Beaux is rose-beige with primarily pink and gold multicolored sparkles. Sinnamon is caramel sand with champagne gold sparkles.

Love Nectar is sheer pink with tiny, primarily pink and some gold multicolored sparkles. Instant Gold is sheer yellow with champagne gold sparkles.

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Luminary is opalescent, milky white with pink and multicolored sparkles. Click here to cancel reply. Link Love Privacy Policy. News Reviews Swaps Talk. Skin Series 1: Anatomy Skin Series 2: This gloss aimed at the preteen market. The first flavor created was strawberry.

My Top MAC Lip Glosses and Lip Liner!

Later flavors included watermelon and vanilla, among others. Lip gloss has become more popular than ever within the last few years. Lip gloss can add not only shine, moisturizing but also can add a plumping effect to the lips. To be able to provide you a comprehensive understanding on mac lip gloss, we implement 3 round review.

We visit official website of Mac to see how many types of mac lip gloss and lip glass are available.

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What is the difference among types of mac lip gloss and lip glass? And we hope that you can find your best mac lip gloss colors that is most suitable with your style, skin tone and make-up. Before going to review every single mac lip gloss, we would like to provide you general information on each line of mac lip gloss are as following:. My first feeling is that this is a gorgeous lipgloss and i trully in love with this lip gloss. Unlike other lipgloss that i have ever used, Baby Sparks has an iridescent shine light catches.

The good thing of this gloss is that it stays long on your lips and it is shiny and protects your lips from the cold weather. It is not cheap but worth it. Besides, this lipgloss does make your teeth look whiter than usual. Apply with lipstick: Everything has its pros and cons, and so does this mac lip gloss. However, i am sure that it pros definitely outweight it cons.

And i can say that it is my favorite Dazzleglass. The unique point is its multiple coloured shimmer. You just need to wear the right amount to have a neutral brown lip color contains a beautiful shimmer of iridescent pink and red glitters on your lips. For teenagers, i bet that they are in love with the spark in it. Besides, i also love its typical stickiness formula with vanilla scent. Obvious, the only cons is that this Get Rich Quick is super sticky so that it can make your lips wet all the time.

The base of this mac lip gloss is quite sheer so that you can wear brown-toned lipsticks or nude lipstick underneath. No but you probably will love to keep reapplying because of its shimmer.

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If you are not lipstick person and you are lipgloss fan. It is a lip gloss that you just need to pull out and use. It is fabulous lip gloss with lovely depth and slight shimmer and it goes on extremely sheer with vanilla scent but not sticky.

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  • And it is a glittering medium mauve pink so that it matches with all skin tones. In general, it is pretty lip-gloss that goes perfectly with a dark smokey eye. In the tube, it looks golden medium-brown but when you apply it is a tan color with gold iridescence.

    It seems more suitable to wear in spring and summer than in autumn and winter. But for me, it is everyday lipgloss. In the winter this lipgloss makes me look calm and professional. Some people get used to the doe wand and they dislike the brush wand but i prefer this brush applicator because it is quite thick but tolerable. For skin tone: