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According to the Review-Journal, despite being cleared by police in Mac Dre's death, Watkins was still rumored to be linked to the murder, which was reportedly instigated by a dispute over payment for a concert. Police said that Watkins and Akins were seen leaving their hotel with Dow hours before they were murdered at a construction site outside of Las Vegas. Dow's attorney said his client and Watkins were friends who had traveled together to pursue their music careers and were not rivals, but close associates.

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But when the verdict was read, the Review-Journal reported that Akins' mother broke down and cried, saying she was shedding "tears of joy. Dow's reaction to the verdict after the weeklong trial was described as being more stoic. The verdict was overturned by the Lousiana Supreme Court in He was retried in and again found guilty of second-degree murder. C-Murder was sentenced to life in prison.

He has since changed his name to C-Miller.

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Knocc Out. In , Dresta was involved in a gang-related shootout in Watts, Los Angeles.

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The prime target, Tyrone Thomas, died in the shootout. Dresta was severely wounded but survived.

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He was later charged with Thomas' murder. Dresta plead no contest to one count of voluntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to one year of probation. The other members were Shorty, Maulkie, and T-Bone.

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The group released a gold-certified LP, Guerillas in tha Mist, in T-Bone was also charged with a separate murder case. T-Bone was acquitted, but Dee wasn't as lucky. He was sentenced to life in prison, but he maintains his innocence.

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Authorities claimed that Minister and a friend avenged the death of Mac Dre by killing a Kansas City rapper named Fat Tone, whom they believed had taken out Dre. The victim's body was found outside a construction site in Las Vegas. In , Mac Minister was found guilty on two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

He was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. The robbery went awry.

Authorities say that Conway and Leerdam shot and killed one of the men, David Taylor, at point-blank range. The three co-conspirators were all apprehended by authorities and charged with crimes related to murder, robbery, and kidnapping. Max B was picked up for murder, conspiracy to commit murder, robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault. Following a lengthy trial, Max B was found guilty on 9 out of 11 counts.

On June 9, , Max B was sentenced to 75 years behind bars for his role in the operation that left Taylor dead. Max B claims innocence and appealed the verdict in His appeal was denied.