How to reconcile in quickbooks for mac 2012

Undo an entire reconciliation

September 7, By Shelly King. October 3, By Shelly King. January 17, By Shelly King. You are here: Reconciliation Last Updated: Wednesday, May 4, Reconciliation trouble?

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  2. Manually clear, unclear, reconcile, or unreconcile individual transactions;
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We're here for you! You can also post your question to our QuickBooks for Mac community. Our users and the QuickBooks for Mac team monitor this forum daily. Call our Customer Care team to talk to a specialist. I am baffled. Why is this and what is the fix. I added customer invoices after reconciling all the way back to feb now customer balances are wrong because of it and my bank rec are wrong for the months i have added back to because i deleted deposits and added them as payments.

First time set up catch up messed this up not sure how to fix either. Thinking of starting over geeezzzz. My bank register reflects transactions excluding VAT. How can I change it to reflect amounts including VAT? I run quickbooks for two companies and the second company reflects amounts including VAT. Recently I took over an account for our office, I found 4 invoices that were not processed correctly, so there were double entries, and they were old, I deteled the ones that went directly into the deposit and went into the payment process then deposit, now my begining balance is off by the amounts deleted, although the entries are now correct, can I override the begining balance and go forth?

What blog post. The one at the top of the page? If so, then mark it with an R for reconciled again. My entire reconciled just fine up till December. I cannot find where or if I made any changes. I cannot go on to reconcile from December on because I cannot find this!!!! Denise — if you want to schedule a remote session for me to help you find and fix it, send me an email.

So We are on January and I deleted a transaction it took place in June which was already reconciled, therefore it was entered incorrectly. Now I re-entered that transaction but my reconciliation is still off by the amount. I looked at your blog, but have never used a blog before and am not sure how to find this explanation. The previous office manager before me Reconciled the August statement but never actually closed it out. Not knowing that I started the following months. I cant figure out how to fix this and its messing everything up.

You can undo the previous reconciliation multiple times if needed and re-reconcile. I am doing bookkeeping for a small family owned business.

QuickBooks Tip: Fixing Reconciliation Beginning Balance or Date

No bank statements or invoices were entered in I have since updated the numbers for so that I can enter information but the bank reconciliation has the wrong beginning balance. To adjust the beginning balance, you may need to enter a JE. I am very concerned because I make all deposits for our small business but a woman with a degree in accounting who had my job previously, and does the heavy bookeeping, is saying deposits are missing when I know for a fact I have made them.

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  • She comes in and looks the hero after re-entering the checks without check numbers and we then have more money and I am left to wonder if she has deleted them from her home. My boss gave her a laptop to reconcile balances at home. How can I be certain if indeed my hard work is being erased and protect myself from this in the future, My job and reputation are on the line as this is my families business. I am going to print copies of all deposits from now on as I relly believe something is up.

    Someone other than her should be looking at the bank statements and activity as well.

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    Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Reconcile again by entering the appropriate date and the same ending balance. Thanks for your help … I noticed that my balance was off after I deleted a couple of deposits to correct payment that were applied wrong. Even though one of the deposits I deleted was 2 months prior, I just cleared it again and in the end my ending balanced matched my statement.

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    6. QuickBooks Tip: Fixing Reconciliation Beginning Balance or Date - Long for Success, LLC!
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    Thanks for your expert advice. That was when the balance was correct last. I reconcile almost daily.

    Reconcile in QuickBooks Desktop - QuickBooks Learn & Support

    It was farther back than this. Should I not have unreconcile all of these and how can I get it back if not? At this point, backup the file. Then, do one big bank rec, select only show transactions before the statement ending date, select all to mark everything as cleared and uncheck outstanding items. When I see a discrepancy in the beginning balance, first find out the difference.

    I click Modify button at the bottom right. Go to locate discrepancies and see what transaction s were deleted or voided. Then correct it in QuickBooks. However, sometimes you need to do more depending on the situation. If a transaction that was previously cleared has been re-entered i.