Upgrade mac mini hard drive void warranty

This important act protects your rights as a consumer and allows you to install upgrades with peace of mind confidence. At MacSales.

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Although OWC upgrades do not void your warranty , you will want to remove them before taking a system that is under warranty into Apple for service. Apple does not track non-factory configurations. Name required. Email required. Leave this field empty. Does not seem worth it not to void the warranty and have apple do the upgrades in the first place.

I have a question about CPU upgrades to nmp. It seems excellent that one can do this and upgrade the CPU on your computer at some point. That is a good question.

Full Node project: Mac Mini 2014 Samsung Evo SSD 1TB upgrade

The pin structures, socket types, etc. As such, It is hard to say how long processors of a given socket type will be made, and how long they will remain available after they are no longer produced.

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The future is an unpredictable thing, but we will be doing everything we can to keep these upgrades available as long as possible. For example, we still can upgrade the processors on the MacPro Towers. The DIY installation solutions we offer do not void your warranty or make you ineligible for warranty coverage. That being said, the warranty does not cover any damages that may result from performing an installation to your computer and any such damage will void the warranty. Because of this it is best to know what the installation entails before attempting it.

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  • For this purpose, we have video walkthroughs available for many install processes. I just got done with a lengthy repair process on a MacBook that had a Data Doubler and I heard from the retail store and Apple Executive Customer Relations that the optical drive is not a usable-servicable part as defined by Apple and that the presence of one will void your warranty.

    Is RAM upgradeable in the Mac Mini?

    Sorry to hear about your experience with that particular Apple employee. So my question to you would be, what are we supposed to do when they Apple refuses to service us? Unless you physically damaged something during the installation, adding OWC upgrades or other 3rd party products does not VOID the warranty. But if returned back to the original state, the can not VOID the warranty. If a situation comes up where the manufacturer states warranty has been VOID and is in the original state please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to further assist you! Unless you physically damaged something during the instruction, which is unlikely in the case of the trackpad, really zero to worry about in terms of having upgraded.

    The drive in the main bay is considered user serviceable by Apple as it is and no service rep should ever give you any hassle just for having performed an upgrade. Have an old Mac Mini I, Made the mistake of upgrading the op system and now there is no room on the hard drive — Upgrade the hard drive before giving it th my grandchildren or down grade the op system??

    The gift is pretty sweet all by itself and if they are able to deal with upgrading, could leave that to them to decide, etc. Might also review the drive content and see if there is data you can free up off the existing drive — even move certain data to an external vs. Which OS to use with the Mac mini is all about what the needs are.

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    Regardless of the space on the drive, that choice should come down to what will best serve. My AppleCare is still good until HOWEVER, the warranty does not cover any damages that may result from doing so and physically damaging the computer will void the warranty. We have long seen interesting comments from some Apple reps when it comes to upgrades. Mainly from those that are not familiar with upgrading themselves and effectively regurgitate from the Apple playbook.

    Aug 31, Do not attempt to replace or repair any components inside your Mac mini. Almost is left to the discretion of the tech doing a repair whether your going in and messing with.

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