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SnailSVN is primarily a Finder extension, so it is likely that it will not work for other file managers. I was able to get this app to work, but it took all day.

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Frequent crashes, errors and issues had me close to going back to tortoise svn on my pc. I was hoping snail was as good as that program,but I was wrong. One of the main issues that seems to be so obvious, there does not appear to be a way to committ a single file or folder or group of files. For whatever reason, large commits cause crashes, so I attempted to reduce the number of files per commit, but there is no obvious way to do that.

svnX free download for Mac | MacUpdate

You can only select all or none or check the box for each individual file or folder to transfer. In some cases we are talking hundreds or thousands of files. Just highlight the files you want and then have a check box that will allow you to selected just those files in the commit? The real fault here is the Mac OS. I suppose everyone is using git these days so that laugh is on those of us who are still using svn on a Mac. First off I apologize to CleverIdea for originally clicking on the not helpful link on his review.

Awesome for a free version, let alone a 1. I was able to look at the history logs and do comparisons - it was very nice!

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So after clicking the not helpful I went back to finder and all of a sudden it was like it did not remember what the working set was. Even though the icons were there and correct the only options I have was checkout, export, create repo, add to working set. Trying to re-add the working set gave me the error that one working set was allowed. So now I cannot use the free version even on the working set I first setup. Being a free version I can understand limiting the number of working sets.

Though I would argue instead of 1 to show that the product CAN handle multiple working sets.

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Seeing that it cannot handle a single working set well means it has a ways to go to be worth money. Text, images, code, anything goes.


When you're happy with your work, you commit it. This creates a new revision in the repository. You can also add new files, and delete files to remove them from the repository. After you commit , everyone in your team can see the new revision, and update their working copies to get the latest changes. Later, it's also easy to figure out who commited what and when. Keep it clear with Versions' polished interface. Quickly scan through revisions and review commit logs, added, deleted and modified files in the Timeline.

Work on your working copies in the Browse view and instantly see the status of every file and folder. Review local changes with your favorite file comparison app and commit, update and revert with ease. Versions puts the power of Subversion at your fingertips. Heading back in time to revert to an earlier revision?

Trying to figure out who changed that line of code? Also done. Want to lock some files to prevent conflicts, or need to see every revision they're changed in? Double done.

SVN Basics - Setting Up the Tortoise SVN Client and SVN Import

When you are ready, all of the advanced features you need are waiting for you. Click here to restart your download. Versions offers the best way to work with Subversion on the Mac. Thanks to its clear-cut approach, you'll hit the ground running. New to Subversion?